Caitlin Clark becomes NCAA’s D1 basketball’s top scorer of all time

By Helena Kiannejad

1 min read

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Caitlin Clark has been a force to be reckoned with on the court since her high school days but on March 3rd she broke the top scorer of all time in NCAA basketball record previously held by Pete Maravich. As of March 3rd she’s gathered a total of 3,668 points beating Pete’s 3,667. Caitlin’s been transforming women’s basketball at the collegiate level by bringing in viewers and interest into the game for women. She’s likely to break records in the WNBA too since she recently announced entering her draft for the WNBA. Caitlin has influenced people of all ages and genders to watch more women’s basketball since it’s never been particularly popular over the years. Caitlin’s grandfather speaks highly of her, stating she could dribble a basketball at the age of 5 and only grew to develop more competitiveness and tenacity, which are now her trademarks on the court. Caitlin will only grow better and stronger as the years go on in the WNBA.


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